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Question Help with Gloom Deluxe graphics

I'm not really sure as to where this belongs since there are an incredible amount of subforums here, but I think this place fits the bill. Anyhow, I'm trying to find a way to view (and potentially extract) the graphics from Gloom Deluxe. I grabbed a copy and extracted the contents of the ADF files and had a look around... I've found what I assume are the graphics, but they're not in any default Amiga file type that I have the ability to view. I'm lead to believe that they're IFF files (since I found an old LHA with unreleased Gloom 3 materials in it that were in this format) that are compressed in some way, but compression is not at all my specialty... and honestly, neither is Amiga stuff. If anybody could be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it.
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