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The samba package is a very clunky, big and low performing piece of software on the Amiga as you have noticed.

If you can live with the fact that you wont find a fancy icon representing your Amiga in "the network neighbourhood", you should imho ditch samba because it really doesnt give much to run the Amiga as a smb server.

The opposite of the samba package - smbfs, the smb client which lets you mount smb shares as normal volumes on your Amiga, is very small and fast.

Keep in mind that you have to think the other way when using the client:
Instead of first copying stuff you want to use to the Amiga, you instead access the stuff you have on your other computers directly. Imho a much better concept.

Ofcourse you can use them both simultaneously, but honestly the samba package doesnt add anything that justifies itself.
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