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Thanks for the replies...

I just checked & nmdb is in place ( status command from shell ) so I assume it's running - thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, I don't want to fiddle with a functioning network - they usually stop when I do. If I convince myself that it's not me but limmitations of the stack(s) I'm using I'll bite the bullet & assign static ip to all the computers & keep fingers crossed.

I tried MiamiDX to see if it was Genesis that wasn't up to communicationg with my network as set up. ( it dosen't seem to accept dynamic allocation of ip to other computers by the router )
I had high hopes at first - it was merrily detecting everything, but then failed at accepting my router as a DNS server. Genesis seemed to manage that one. I have no experience with that TCP stack so I may fiddle more before giving up.

keep the suggestions comming......
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