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I was hesitant to participate to this topic as I partly feel like it's shooting fish in a barrel; almost every Amiga game out there has multiple flaws that I'd like to fix in hindsight.

Some of these issues were inherited from the worst practises of the 8-bit consoles and arcades (levels you have to memorise with surprises one really can't anticipate, level timers, having to access keyboard while using joystick, trial and error approach to gameplay and game design that requires you to read an actual manual to play) then coupled with multiple Amiga specific issues (constant disk swapping, dodgy frame rates and games that with flashy art and sound, but no gameplay to speak of).

I find myself often positively surprised how smooth and genuinely playable many C64 and NES classics are when revisiting them after a long period of time – something I really can't say for many of the Amiga games of the same era.
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