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Well way back then i was in my twenty something many happy memories of the amiga, loved all the games i played back then and all the games i could get my hands on friends in low places thanks to them ( unnamed people ) for keeping me well supplied back in the day with game, apps and the such.

I couldnt really say what was my all time favorite game i just loved all the games i played but there are a handful of games that did stick out from the rest and i will do myu best to keep it as short as possible but long enough so you know where i am comeing from. So with out further ado hear is my list of amiga games i played the most... and in no particular order...

Gods, Magic pockets, Cannon Fodder, Civilization , The Adams , Family , Cool Spot , Armour-Geddon , Ledgend , A-Train , Beneath a Steel Sky , Carrier Command , Flashback , Another World , The Chaos Engine , Chuckie Egg , Chuckie Egg 2 , Dark Seed , Donk! , Dune , DuneII , Gunship 2000 , Fire & Ice , Galaga 89 , Galaga 92 , Galaga 94 , Gauntlet , Gauntlet II , Humans , Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker , Knights Of The Sky , Monkey Island , Mr. Nutz , No Second Prize , Out Run , Populous , Populous II , Mega Lo Mania , Pinball Dreams , Pinball Fantasies , Pinball Illusions , Pirates , Putty , Scorched Tanks , Worms , The Settlers , Skid Marks , Silkworm.

Going to have to stop my self got carried away kinda... but there are so many classic games and them listed above are the ones with the most time played and loved.

Happy Amiga Days.
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