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Hi, hate to be one of them people who can't transfer files from pcmcia compact flash adapter to their amiga hard drive but I am unfortunately.

I got the fat95 3.18 in the L directory

I got compactflash device v1.32 in the devs directory

I got CF0 in the DevsDosdrivers Directory

I got a transcend 133x 8gb card formatted to fat32 and doesn't register at all

I got a no name 16gb card formatted to fat32 and it is detected but shows as NDOS

I have tried this with both cards, basically I went into diskpart in windows10 and shrunk the cleaned and created a new primary partion and shrunk down to 1gb and then formatted in fat32 and then fat and still I was unable to see the cards or just get ndos with the no namer.

Can anyone think of what I might be doing wrong? I was expecting the no name CF not to read at all, however it's the transcend that doesn't get picked up at all. And way at the start of this thread someone mentions that the transcend 133x 4gb card works, so I cannot think for the life of me what I've done wrong or why at least one card doesn't work via the pcmcia adapter.

Any ideas or help will be much appreciated.

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