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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I know
It depends on what you're scrolling and how fast its moving, I guess
Of course, but the idea is (obviously) to only blit as much as you need per frame. For 'normal' games you just don't need that many tiles blit per frame to keep up with scrolling. Generally scrolling speed is not that high.

Couple that with the low overhead of tile/block blitting and in general the time spent getting the extra tiles on screen is a very small percentage of the time you get in a frame - even if you double the workload.
But then she said "Why don't you bring your laptop to work, so on those moments you're just waiting you can write your game for real, instead of in your head?"

I'd better not bring a laptop to work for Amiga coding. I'd be ever so productive, but strangely nothing work related would ever get done

Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Yes, but I think if you are showing the crease of the bitmap, and you blit there, the colors will work. If you blit outside the bitmap but you tell the program to SHOW this "outside", colors are correct. I don't see why it shouldn't "work" except by the fact you are trashing the Chip Ram
I'm not sure what you mean by 'crease' here, but if you mean the Copper screen split seen in vertical scrolling then the answer is usually 'no' (for blits). To display bobs correctly across such a split requires you to split them in two.
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