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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
We have FreeSat/FreeView here - with both standard and HD channels (oodles of them, too).

What really boils my piss is when you go to the cinema, pay shitloads for tickets and then have to sit through half an hour of ads before you even get to the trailers.
Seems to me you get way to early to cinema. That is why one I visit now has bar and they serve food & drinks in theater as well.

Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I remember that thread! He didn't pay the TV taxes (Rundfunkgebühr), an additional 17,50€ per month.

So, when you have antenna, you pay 17,50€ taxes per month and 5,75€ Hd Freenet costs per month. And additionally you watch ads.

You can opt to not watch private TV stations. Then you don't have to pay the 5,75€ Freenet. Nice and complicated!

I have satellite, so at the moment, I watch state-run TV stations in HD and private stations in SD. When they shut down SD for private stations, I don't know what I will opt for.

The state-run TV also has ads. Taxes are not enough to produce Volksmusik broadcasts with.
We have public broadcast here, with only local channels. They almost shutdown services because of some internet service years back, but since they won , they continue with broadcast, which is btw only HD. (so you're screwed if you have older TV)

Does anyone listen to radio anymore? Any commercials there?
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