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Originally Posted by katarakt View Post
This trackball push-button, does it give some feedback with this push-to-select function? Does it have a microswitch for push function? ...if it's used for scrolling up/down it must be already pushed with a little bit force i, does this work how it should ?
The switch is a 'dome' type switch - so can feel a little tactile feedback when pressed.

The switch does not need to be pressed to move the trackball, it acts as the extra 'SELECT' switch for HxC or FlashFloppy.

As for the trackball itself, you don't need much to move it around. If you have ever used a Blackberry phone with a trackball it is the same; or the trackball in an Apple Magic mouse; or like (maybe not as smooth) a normal trackball mouse.

I had worked with developers of both HxC and FlashFloppy to reduce the jitteryness of the trackball - by adding some inertia so that it doesn't trigger so much when you touch it.
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