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Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
Ok, now i'm feeling i'm hit to head, so must defend myself.

I was the one who put videos to PPA, BUT with short comments about what was done and changes. It's not truth that there was no text or comments, moreover i was trying to explain some questions if i could. I was doing this NOT for fame, NOT for personal gains but to inform people who are not reading EAB about YOUR game.

And now i'm reading that's my fault... really? There is polish sentence "do something good and you'll be punished for sure".

You have standard ban for not appropriate actions on PPA for two weeks. After this time You can comment and write about Rygar, because i'm not anymore.

Edit: I was thinking that You had just some weaker days... i was wrong.
I have nothing against you Solo Kazuki so I can only apologise for bringing you into it as yes some updates did have some text to go with the videos... but it would have just been better to link to the EAB.

That said, it's the odd few members at the PPA who didn't appreciate the updates and had a go at me about it.

I don't mind if you don't follow the game development anymore, not posting at the PPA about Rygar will do me a huge favour as it will stop adding more fuel to the fire.
If people want to follow the game then they know where it is at.
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