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That's weird, it looks like an inverted chroma signal.

I read somewhere that Cannon Fodder DOES use EHB in parts btw, and I'm not sure if UAE's emulation of early Denise chips is 100% accurate. Denise 8362 R5 and earlier are the pre-EHB chips, if you care to look at your motherboard, R6 and later have EHB.

Also you could try some games that definitely do use EHB like Black Crypt, Super Cars 2, Agony (the loading screens only).


Just saw that you're having issues with Ghosts'n'Goblins which is def not an EHB game. It could be something is not playing nice with the composite modulator. Have you tried the RGB port directly? Maybe hooking up an A520 modulator to the RGB port?

I say this because it seems more than coincidental that the things that are supposed to be blue are red, the things that are supposed to be green are blue, and the things that are supposed to be red are green, as opposed to just random colors for everything.

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