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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
meynaf: Although I've owned quite a few CBM monitors over the years, I haven't tested them all, nor do I need to. They all have shitty little speakers which have poor bass and treble reproduction.
They have little speakers but the monitors themselves are as big as a good subwoofer and maybe even bigger. So yes the sound isn't perfect but it ain't crap either. Most sounds were designed to be played on them, btw.
They are at least better than embedded speakers in laptops, aren't they ?

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Nothing sounds "crap" on a good hi-fi system. I find it strange that you seem to believe playing music on a better quality system can make it sound worse. That's simply not the case.
Of course yes it's the case. With a good enough hi-fi system you hear little sounds that were otherwise eaten. Like tiny clicks in low quality samples. And the hifi system can't know if these are good to hear or not.
In short, if some sound was designed to be played on "poor quality" system, "high quality" will play it differently, i.e. not the way it was intended to.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I've had the neighbours across the road complain about the sub vibrating their house too much. That's one complaint I was quite proud to receive
Listening to loud music isn't good for the ears. But of course monitor speakers can't go real high in volume so it's normal you don't like them
(And it also seems normal you can't hear the little details anymore...)
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