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What speakers do you use for your Commodore computers?

Considering the C64 and Amiga are renowned for there superb audio qualities, I would be interested to know what other users use for speakers with them.

Personally, I don't use anything high end, but still use decent sounding speakers, as I don't believe that using something like built in 1084s speakers do them justice.

For my main PC setup which i use for PC gaming, movies, and emulation, I have an old Creative T5400 5.1 speaker setup.
As for my real C64 and Amiga setups, I have them connected to an old Logitech Z506 5.1 setup, with them upmixing the sound to all speakers, nothing mind blowing but I think they still sound really good.

So what do you guys use?

Edit- Would like to have a massive subwoofer setup someday, the commodores deserve it!

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