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>Or maybe those entities were not interested in licensing their work yet again, as they might for example have moved on to OS4 and are now under contract with Hyperion.

Even assuming that it had to be licensed directly from each programmer, I can't see that they would object to having extra money thrown at them for work they already did nearly two decades ago, regardless of what they are doing now.

>And Cloanto was there in 2004 when it happened and added GIF support all around their products... what is your point?

They didn't uncripple GIF-related components of OS3.X.

>You suggesting that there are no legal challenges in distributing OS3.9 with a commercial product without any consent from the rights owners? I think the various rights owners have a different opinion.

I never said that. Of course it is copyrighted and they should get the consent of the rights owners, H&P or Alinea, before distributing it...I'm just saying there is nothing inherently illegal about OS3.9 as Cloanto like to imply.

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