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I don't think WB 3x0 is that bad, it's pretty nice actually. I comes with some librarys missing in 3.1.

Searching around on aminet and other websites i could update it quite a bit. So far it seems it is compatible with 3.5/9. I haven't found a single programm for 3.5/9 that doesn't work. (yet)
wbinfo, deficons, vinced, THE, TeakWB. workbench.library 45.132 (with patch from PeterK iconlib)
It just works. As 3.9 can't be bought anymore this is a pretty nice legal alternative.
I own 3.9 too and i can't say which setup i like more. Some programms and libraries in 3.9 are newer than 3x0 or the amnet versions or you have to use alternatives for e.g. the CD player but that's it.

The one thing i'm missing is amidock. there are amidock-like programms out there but i can't say i like them. So far i'm stuck with toolmanager. 2nd would be BiB.
And some librarys aren't updated e.g. dos.library.

Maybe i should strip my setup and create an update-pack for an easy install

besides CWB, Amikit,AfAOS etc, an environment for 3x0 is still missing.
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