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Apidya SE

Another quick and dirty SE project.

This one doesn't have many changes (to be honest there's basically nothing in Apidya that could be improved on!), so the SE just offers some tweaks to the options menu - you can start from any level or view the end credits, select 7 lives to begin with and view a list of hints about secrets in the game. That's it.

I tried and failed to port the changes back to an ADF crack - if someone's willing to take care of that, I'd be much obliged (so it's just available as a patched WHDLoad images).

EDIT: Latest with autofire is in the zone

Edit: Forgot to include screenies

Edit 2: A couple of explanations..

- The "game hints" replace the Joypad/Joystick option, which had no tangible effect in gameplay (the memory address for that variable isn't accessed during the main game). While it's possible to use the second button on a megadrive pad, you've got to use the Second Btn option above that.

- Level select replaces the sound test, though not entirely. You can still listen to a song from each level by selecting it and pressing fire, though you can't listen to all of the sub songs, boss songs and secret level songs. Someone smarter than me could probably patch in a Level select into that options menu without removing the sound test

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