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Originally Posted by Python1 View Post
N E T P L A Y so that Amiga and WinUAE fans can finally play and compete online against each other.

Come on, we are in 2017 AD and we still can't play Amiga games online within WinUAE.

Messing around with real machines and/or emulators is great. Relaxing in the forums is cool. But Amiga gaming is even greater and cooler. It's all about sensations.

Amiga gamers, where are you?

P.S.: Please don't say there already exist FS-UAE or This comment is about Amiga online gaming through WinUAE. Thanks.
Would be about time.

Winuaexp (version from 2002!!) works so great with server/p2p client of Kaillera. Today's internet connections are so fast, you can play p2p across Europe with only 1-2 frames skipped.

I cannot understand why Winuae still doesn't support Kaillera, or some other netplay client.
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