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At the time I too was slightly disappointed with the A1200 and, quite like the OP, it was the reason for never buying one back in the day. They were somewhat expensive, costing just about 25% cheaper than a 486 PC - which, with a good soundcard (the Sound Blaster 16, for instance) was a far more capable machine, even for gaming. I ended up jumping-ship to the PC in 1995 buying a 486DX2@66 instead of an A1200. It was the logical choice.

However, once an amigan, always an amigan. I always felt like a betrayer. I had PCs ever since, but I never loved any of them. The contemporary PCs lacked character, I came to learn. The A1200 that I never bought increasingly became my "holy grail". I ended up craving one so badly that I bought one back in 2015. Had it fitted with an expansion board and an 8GB CF HD with WHDLoad and now it's one of my most prized possessions (losing only to my original A500 due to emotional reasons) and it's the Amiga (and, indeed, the retro-machine) that I use the most (practically daily).

So yes: disappointed back in the day but an irredeemable fan now-a-days. I absolutely love my A1200.
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