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Originally Posted by mai View Post
If you would scan your collection with current TOSEC dats, as i have done in a few minutes, you would see, that there are still some bad Disks, which cant work at all, i suppose you have not playtested every single disk till the end of the game.
Just an example:
Blastar, all 3 disks are bad copies!
Nope definitely haven't played every single game through to completion. This is impossible

I get what your saying. However, there are some files in TOSEC that are marked as [B] but these work perfectly and I know that GameBase Amiga also use the same set as me. Can't think of any examples right now off the top of my head; will need to check.

It's been known in the past that some games that are marked with [B] have turned out to actually be fine so... unless TOSEC people are play testing 100% or there's something obviously wrong then... I mean there are also games with that aren't marked with [B] that have issues.

You guys are doing a great job; it's very monotonous and in previous years I've assisted TOSEC where I can.

Anyway, Belgo has puts a lot more time into this than what I have so when I get stuck I trust his judgment. Even if it means TOSEC has given that file a [B] flag.

[By the way the above comment doesn't relate to Blaster; haven't checked what files GB Amiga use]

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