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Originally Posted by skan View Post
Great game and very important piece of Amiga as well as gaming history as a whole.

Some additional info can be found here:
They claim the BattleTech "VR" game pods were the first commercial 3D computer game, which is so wrong it's baffling to me that someone in their right mind would make such a specific claim, until I read the rest of their posts which cumulated in claiming that PCs are just now reaching the Amiga's abilities. If this was posted in 1994 I wouldn't mind, but in fact it was posted in December of 2014, a year after the PS4 release and a month after the Geforce 980 was released...

Oh, and on topic, we played MechForce a whole lot (we even paid for it!), and thankfully the actual gameplay does not follow the tabletop rules as exactly as claimed in that post, all for the better IMHO.
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