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Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
@Fingerlickin_B: no offense my humble opinion, Pinball Brain Damage is one of the WORST Amiga pinball games..

Why dont you try instead Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions, Slam Tilt or even Pinball Mania?

Just my 2 cents..

Pinball Mania? Please, be serious!

I know also what doesn't goes well in PBD, as I prefer Pinball Dreams and Slamtilt, but saying that PBD is worse than PMania is ... Luckily you haven't said that even Tomas the Tank Engine Pinball is better.
One think wich is extraordinary against all other pinball release: the tables' view are in 640x256 instead of 320x256, this is why it has a more clear picture during the game.

I also awaited better appeareance of Obsession when it came out, which is still just average.

I like the Ultimate Pinball Quest also, it has a special atmosphere, nobody mentions it.
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