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Oh, I understand the situation, don't worry, and I'm sure there are many other users with the same issue. What I don't understand is why the Vampire guys decided the Indivision was not of use when their RTG-equipped cores all fall back to the native output for most games, perhaps the most common use of Vampire-equipped Amigas. It would be very obvious to me anyway that keeping the Indivision working would be a good thing so that people could use one monitor - HDMI or DVI in for the RTG and VGA in for the native screenmodes.

The new version with AGA (once finished) would finally be the solution to the issue, but if they're not going to be willing or able to also fit the RTG in there at the same time, they should at least fix the RTG for people in the same situation as yourself. Actually, come to think about it... If there's enough space on the chip for both AGA and RTG, perhaps the reason RTG had to be removed for this version is the same reason the Indivision doesn't work - they've used chipset-space registers for their RTG setup, and now have to untangle them to get them working together... If that's the case, now is the ideal opportunity to move the offending functions to empty space where they should have been all along.

What I also don't get is why you think Individual would be likely to help either, for the reasons I posted above. If anything, the reasons you give for the Vampire guys are even more valid applied the other way around: Individual don't see the need to update their devices, which are working happily with their current address map since 2009, since the Vampire has RTG and therefore no need for the Indivision. And since the Vampire is still under development, there's a high risk that spending time and money developing an update would be wasted due to future changes in the Vampire as it is further developed. Not to mention the added complexity of potential issues with older versions of the Indivision software no longer working once the device is updated, potentially leaving users in an awkward position with no usable display.
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