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And why is that? The Vampire is still under development with soft cores being rolled out regularly (indeed, a new alpha version was released only yesterday). It would seem the obvious thing to do to move the registers there and update the drivers to suit when a product is still in development, rather than a mature product that's been fully finished, working and stable for the guts of a decade?

Besides, with the Vampire being fully 32-bit, why place registers for RTG in 24-bit space when there's close to 4GB of empty space that could be used instead, including dedicated space specifically for add-on functionality like graphics cards? Sounds like a terrible design choice to me that could easily be rectified. And even if the Indivision was adjusted to work, all it takes is another poor design choice in a future Vampire core to cause the exact same problem again.

while there might be less work involved in changing the Indivision register layout (arguable), it's silly to think it's Individual's responsibility.
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