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Originally Posted by scuzz View Post
Its a case of today, tomorrow yesterday and sorry but the A500 does not live in the era it was born out of. Trying to make old equipment perform very much in a way it was never designed to do, and expecting it to hold up takes a whole heap of effort and dedication. What is at risk in all of this is the Amiga, which by the years become ever more rare. Mainly due to failed projects where owners have sadly gotten disinterested and then failed to carry on.
This maybe true, yet you cannot deny that by persons such as myself who custom build Tower Amiga computers, it helps to continue preservation of all Amiga systems. Not only by fabricating them into new modern Tower units to give a modern look with a retro feel, it also attracts younger followers. Why? Because they want to know what the hype is all about and find it cool that these Retro computers, can be taken to the next level and possibly beyond. Same could be said for those offering new Accelerators and upgrades.

Originally Posted by scuzz View Post
I am not suggesting that the Amiga is a lost artefact in need of salvaging... but I do take the view that once broken or damaged or worse hacked beyond original recognition, the poor Amiga become yet one more fatality and the serial number added to the tomb walls.
Not sure if I totally agree with all you are stating here. Yes anyone with lack of knowledge or correct equipment shouldn't even think about starting a project, until they have at least done some research. They could do what dommer did and ask here in EAB. Reaching out to those in the know really does help, specially on decision making for said Amiga projects.

Hacked beyond all recognition, hmm, I know you are a purist just from your statements, which is perfectly OK and I respect that. Although you should realise that a customised tower unit, still offers so much to the original system, if done properly. Sometimes it can be way better than the original design.

Originally Posted by scuzz View Post
I just ask that what ever you do, you consider the Amiga first and your preoccupation with trying to make the machine into something it never was intended to be, second. Just think about it.
Why would you state "something it was never intended to be"? Just because Commodore defunct, doesn't mean that Amiga did. OK so no more new machines were developed but designs for original systems could continue. Take this as an example of what I am stating here: Imagine we never had 060 Accelerators for the A1200 back in the day. Then, someone in the present designed one and put it into an Amiga 1200. Would this not be how it was intended because it wasn't available or offered, back in the day? Progress is always accomplished by understanding, passion, desire and persistence. OK, so available tech and finance helps too, although I guess you know what I am getting at here.

The next Gen Amiga is probably something that shall never be...? Yet original classic Amiga units customised and/or upgraded with new tech, offers hope for endless possibilities, for Amiga and its future.

Originally Posted by scuzz View Post
Keep the faith and be a survivor not one of those folk that have to say ' I use to have one of those '
This is something many have probably said over the years.
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