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Originally Posted by scuzz View Post
Its a case of today, tomorrow yesterday and sorry but the A500 does not live in the era it was born out of. Trying to make old equipment perform very much in a way it was never designed to do, and expecting it to hold up takes a whole heap of effort and dedication. What is at risk in all of this is the Amiga, which by the years become ever more rare. Mainly due to failed projects where owners have sadly gotten disinterested and then failed to carry on.

I have every variety of A500 there is and even still have my original Viper 520 CD with internal hard drive running 3.1 which is about as far as I would ever take the 500. Mostly I have 590s and GVPs running with modest RAM set up on an original Commodore monitor for playing games and reviewing software.

In the end its kinda yesterday for me with the Amiga as I tend to respect the era and use the computers as originally intended. The 1200 was released by Commodore and I doubt they ever envisaged their user base hanging onto their A500s. Just that there comes a point where hanging on to what you have and enjoying it for what it was is way more important than risking old hardware for the sake of a maybe and or a possibly.

One other comment and it regards the community you are also working with. My experience spans the most hectic of periods for the Amiga and I have seen users come and go. The days of endless useful and informative posts from user groups on say the uses of Samba for instance have all but dried up. You will get a general comment these days or a word from someone saying they use to know but its been a long time... but that is not going to help. And all the time you are likely to be mixing new tech with old tech and trying to get old tech working with new on very limited information. I say all this cus of my primary and main passion of saving the hardware. There is a view in archaeology that those who really care want for hidden structures, artefacts and tombs to remain uncovered... until such a day it can be done with minimum risk to the archaeology. I am not suggesting that the Amiga is a lost artefact in need of salvaging... but I do take the view that once broken or damaged or worse hacked beyond original recognition, the poor Amiga become yet one more fatality and the serial number added to the tomb walls.

And that is where any owner of an Amiga can make a big difference. Whilst in your hands you control the destiny of the Amiga. So will she live on beyond your time to serve future generations? It is a big ask to expect any Amiga owner to simply glass case their beloved Amiga. But for me its a far better thing to do than risk losing everything.

I just ask that what ever you do, you consider the Amiga first and your preoccupation with trying to make the machine into something it never was intended to be, second. Just think about it.

Keep the faith and be a survivor not one of those folk that have to say ' I use to have one of those '

By the way... that Viper was found in a box for an A500 with the words A500 crossed out and A1200 written in with black marker by a previous owner. It never was and never will be an A1200... even Commodore realised you need to actually make new hardware if you want kit to perform that way. Just saying.

I see your sentiment, and your website. IMO if an amiga A2000 has survived this long since production running in a dusty ass barn every day with a CNC mill right next to it, it will continue to run A+ for at least that same amount of time. Any machine is capable of anything, its up to the user to make it happen.

I can accept that the hardware is ancient. I won't deny that. But I think that the Amiga deserves continued development outside of the newer PPC machines (but I do want one stupidly bad). Anything can be made possible.

Personally I want to work on the M68K port of debian and dev some games that I have wanted to make for a long time. I like your comment of the user drives the future. I find that very true.

I'll have to look through your site more. I'm jealous of your tower machines :P
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