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Originally Posted by dommer View Post
Can I change the hard drive in the sidecar? Do I have to format it prior to replacement or can I do that in-os?
You should be able to, as long as you have the required software on a floppy

What accelerators can I get? Just vampire 2 or what?
Lots of accelerators have been released over the years, but the ACA500 and Vampire are currently produced models.

Better chipsets to upgrade to?
You can upgrade OCS to ECS for some extra graphics modes.

What is the max ram it can handle?
Without an accelerator the 68000 can use 2 megs chip RAM and 8 or so megs of fast RAM. With an accelerator, much more fast RAM can be added.

How many floppy drives can I give it? What about Hard Drives?
Four floppy drives total. Hard drives, that depends on the controller, generally two IDE drives or up to seven SCSI drives

What is available for networking hardware?
Using the serial and parallel ports various options can be pursued, perhaps something like the Plipbox.

What Amiga can I upgrade this thing to match? A1200? A3000?
There are some things those systems have that you can't upgrade to, e.g. AGA or Zorro III expansion slots. But otherwise you can match them.

Can I give it a CD drive?
Yes, IDE or SCSI.

Can I only use one monitor?
You can plug in several monitors but they will all show the same image. Installing two Indivision ECSs might give you two separate screens although I'm not sure how far developed that functionality is.
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