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Yup, in D3D it captures 10 times faster now, but can't capture perfectly like I can with normal capture.

Like, if I use, let's say a normal a500 config, runs a game, captures, it will capture ALL 50 frames no matter how slow the computer is. If the computer is not fast enough, it will slow down the game play (playing in slowmotion), which is ok, as long as it captures all 50 frames and when playing the avi it's perfect. But when capturing with D3D, just like when capturing anything that uses rtg, it doesn't slow down, so it skips frames if the computer is not fast enough.

Also, with normal games (a500/a1200 config), I can set the FPS adj to 25fps, playing on half speed, which makes it easier to complete some games that needs super reflexes, but with RTG games, this FPS adj doesn't change anything.

Can you make it so that it can capture all frames by slowing down the game or whatever, just like it does with normal games like a500/a1200 config? And can you make it so that FPS adj work with RTG games?

It seems everytime the emulator emulates at 60fps, it's an RTG game, thus the FPS adj doesn't work. Non-RTG stuff is always on 50fps and the FPS adj works.

So, seems like capturing all frames by slowing down game play and using FPS adj doesn't work with RTG, only non-RTG.

But, anyway, D3D does capture much faster now, so good job
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