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Ok, I can record with DirectDraw now and it captures visuals, not just black frames.

I first loaded my config, whatever changes I did it always resulted in black frames captured with DirectDraw. But then all of a sudden, I could capture properly with DirectDraw, no more black frames. So I saved this new config, restarted WinUAE and loaded it to try again, and yup, could capture properly now. So I opened another instance of WinUAE and loaded my old config where I couldn't capture and compared settings, pretty much the same on both, but changed the little that wasn't the same. So, after I did the changes to the old config I tried recording and, bleh, black frames, even though they are identical.

So, the problem was that in the old config, I always first ran my config with Direct3D, which BREAKS DirectDraw. So, if I start the emulation with Direct3D then change to DirectDraw, it will be black frames. If I INSTEAD start the emulation with DirectDraw, it works and no more black frames, but if I change back to Direct3D, resume emulation and change back to DirectDraw, it's black frames again.

So, if using Direct3D, DirectDraw will break and can't be used until you reset the emulation. Maybe this is not a bug and is intended and just common sense that OF COURSE one should reset the emulation if you want to use DirectDraw after you've used Direct3D, but it's just weird then that if you first use DirectDraw, you don't HAVE TO restart to use Direct3D, only the other way around.

Anyway, problem fixed and I can now record with DirectDraw
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