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Slow video capture

I've tried the latest beta and it's great that we now can load save states of games using RTG and SEE the picture again

But I have another problem you might be able to fix...

I've upped Doom.uss to the Zone, it's a new save state with the RTG mode palette included. My new problem is: I can play the game in full 60fps smoothness with both the Direct3D and DirectDraw Graphics APIs in Miscellaneous, but when outputting to AVI using Direct3D, the fps goes down to about 4, but outputting with DirectDraw has no slowdowns (full 60fps). So I of course want to AVI capture with DirectDraw, BUT the AVI file only contains black frames (with sound), whereas the outputs with Direct3D has picture (but like I said, don't wanna use Direct3D as I get like 4fps when ouputting).

So, why does it only capture blackness with DirectDraw?
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