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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Thanks for reporting back. I half-wondered if you were going to come back with something like this! There wasn't any real way of comparing my version to TjLaZer's as he didn't upload a proper dump. Oh well....less work for you now, I guess!

The plot does thicken, I have to you're telling me that my disk copy is an NTSC version?! It was released on an Australian budget label and the disk looks exactly like the Euro disk release.

Interesting also that you found read errors on the extended ADF. No problems here with the WHDLoad installer or loading/playing it on my A500. Hopefully the external FDD that I use for imaging on my A1200 is OK. I always use it for raw dumps and don't usually have any problems.
Well, I don't know exactly which version it is but it apparently runs fine on NTSC. And the image TjLazer uploaded was just for me anyway so I told him a standard image with skipped protection track is fine.

And your image is definitely broken, game will load and start but some files are corrupt.

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Extended ADF and WWP disk the Zone. Hopefully there are no errors this time (I managed to sit and watch the CLI output this time, so there shouldn't be!). If not, feel free to send flames my way!!
Your new image is fine!
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