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Originally posted by WindowsKiller
4 hours ? I can make one in less than 5 minutes, you only need two files...
Don't shoot too quick.

- grubbing together all those tools, and selecting the ones I want to keep on the disk ( + researching work)
- tried THREE softkicker tools from aminet with various options
(about 15-20 reboots)
- tried different 2.0x kickstarts because I thought one of the tools only accepts an original Commodore one with softkicker abilities
[until I got the info that this should work with "ordinary" KS, too]

Remember my RAM was FUCKED and I didn't know it until I eventually crammed this CRC checker on my disk. BEFORE that period of time, I had to think of each and every possibility what could cause the crashes! This took at least about 2 1/2 hours, checking out all those possibilities and combinations / command-line options.
You don't get these clues in the very first five minutes, maybe you do, but "ordinary" people don't, mind you.

The whole procedure of experimenting was 4 hours, the "netto" time for building the disk maybe at most 30 minutes.

Also, softkick disks which boots into Kickstart 2.x are already available. The one from FairLight for example.
Well I'm on it - trying to get a golem, then we'll see

A golem is a memory expansion box for the A1000 made by former German company Kupke (+ 2 MB RAM), mounted sidecar-wise.
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