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Don't think before you can PROVE!

In fact it is possible to put a KS 2.04 ROM (512K) on an 880 KB disk! I even managed to put some (PP-crunched) tools on the disk and made it boot *INTO* KS 2.04!
Was sorta 4 hours of work - but I love my softkicker disk!
(If I ever get a golem box again with non-corrupt RAM, even more!)

Well, I found the RAM on my golem box to be FUCKED - bah!
Wasn't stable, this means it was sort of "self-modifying RAM" (), so CRC32 of the KS ROM in RAM was always different, although I didn't modify any data! Made the whole machine crash after a short while, of course.

NOTE: Please do NOT ask me to upload this disk to the zone, you know why I can't.
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