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Originally Posted by mai View Post
Thanks PandMonium,
Because of the country flag,
according to new TNC
De, It, Fr (for example)
will be
DE, IT, FR (uppercase)?
In few words, the old country codes followed some kind of ISO standard with some adaptations and almost all had the first letter uppercased (like your examples: De, It, Fr, but also US, etc.), there are also other adaptations you can find in my lists, like codes for continents that are used in this field (like Eu - Europe, As - Asia, used a lot and also 3 that were never used NA - North America, SA - South America, Oc - Oceania), i think they were inserted when the list was compiled long ago by Cassiel or someone else.

The new country codes follow the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard and the main difference is that they are all upper cased, also the EU there is reserved for Europe but there are no codes for continents as expected, not a problem for the 3 not used ones that maybe shouldn't be there anyway, even if Oceania may get used in some sets (i have no idea), the main problem currently is the usage of As - Asia code in 563 NES sets, the AS code is used for American Samoa and we haven't come up with a solution yet, idoru just said that i thinks As shouldn't be used anyway but i don't know much about the systems or sets so can't give my opinion.
Anyway we should decide what to do to this problem and fix it asap (in tosec it should read months :S).

For language codes, there were some discussions long ago on what to use and was decided the country codes lowercased because some people complained about using iso codes, now we are changing to ISO 639-1 codes for languages because it is more correct to use them representing the real language name instead of adapting a country code from the country where it is spoken or where it has its origin (not clear).

Those changes were already aplied to all TOSEC ISO sets since they are few and more maintained, to TOSEC non iso these changes are pending since there are some problems to solve (like the As) and because they have to be done all at once automatically (there are old language codes that now represent a different language with the new code for example) because the changes are huge (50000 sets or so between country, languages and translations).
I'm already able to produce these changes but i'm a bit busy with other works (tosec and real life) and also have to wait for the dats (there is no point in fixing the Amiga dats before i get the new ones with all fixes you guys are doing )

Hope i made it sound clear, ended up writing a lot more than i wanted to, guys working with TOSEC (non iso) dats just keep using the old codes until all is fixed because i don't want new and old codes in the same dat
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