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Originally Posted by MartinW View Post
Even if an iOS device had the power to do anything desperately useful surely it would never get into the App Store and would have to be jailbroken?
You can sign your own code and upload it with Xcode onto your own device....

Of course the other problem is with the world merrily going the 'Wayland' way. I'm not too concerned about that though.
X11 will stay around for an other 30 years.

Once there was support for Linux framebuffer ... but that got somehow abandoned
It would have been great for small devices or to run multiple instances of AROS on a bunch of virtual framebuffers, that you could shuffle around like good old screens...

I think support for framebuffer needs to come back!

I also got the TCP/IP stack running and could ping stuff but of course no web browser because I was in ABv1.
Browser works for ABIv1

This thread has certainly been enlightening
I hope you keep us updated!!
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