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Originally Posted by MartinW View Post
But again, I'm just not sure it's worth the effort?
probably only you can answer this question - is it worth your time and effort?

But maybe it helps your motivation, that there are literally thousands of $$$ waiting in open bounties!

How about porting Python to AROS? A very old version was already working - Bounty says 2.7, but no one would be angry it you go for 3.x ...

CUPS $249
Qt5 $800
TCP/IP update $790

I'm guessing things aren't that simple or the contrib package would be available as ABv1 by now as well? Maybe I'm wrong? I really don't know.
Well in theory it should but be more than adjusting some headers ... but you know: theory

But i think it is not that dire - most things in "ports" will probably do just fine. would be the place to get more information.
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