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Problems with Drakkhen

I owned an original copy of the game Drakkhen, back in the 90s. As both my Amiga and the game disks are unavailable as of now, I tried to rely on some ROMs and WinUAE.

So, I entered the first castle and I found an old man. I remember that in the original game he gives some hints, but now, the "hints" were something about "don't play the game from copies or death will find you". I guessed that it was a copy-protection mechanism preventing from copied disks to be played. Since I never played the game with pirated copies, I don't know how they should behave

The next time I restarted the game I started wandering in the 3d game world. And then the game suddenly crashed, displaying the same message: don't play from copied disks.

I tried with several other downloaded adf roms, including an ipf rom. The result was the same, even with the ipf version. So I guess that the game code did not accept the emulated environment of the WinUAE, and thought it was pirated??

Now, that's a very dystopian scenario, but I see that some people DID play the game in WinUAE. Is there a trick, or did they rely on an extremely rare ipf rom? How did you do this, guys?
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