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Amiga 1200 motherboard replacement - Harddrive / CF card question

My Amiga 1200 (with Blizzard MKIV 40 gig harddrive) stopped working, so I bought a replacement motherboard.

The motherboard works fine and loads up to the purple floppy disk screen.

I then turned the Amiga off and added my old 40 gig harddrive inside.

Turned the Amiga on, and the harddrive doesn't tick over; all that shows is a solid yellow light for the harddrive and a solid light for the power. The Amiga doesn't boot to any screen, all that shows is a dark blue/navy screen.

So then I took the harddrive out, and put in a CF card that works fine on another A1200 that I have.

Again, all I get is a solid yellow light for harddrive and solid light for power.

My kickstart rom on this new motherboard is version 3.0 (39.106).

I am not using the Blizzard MKIV on this new motherboard as it might have blown when the old motherboard did.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue could be preventing the harddrive or CF card from booting up? Could it be because the cf card and the hard drive have workbench 3.1 as opposed to workbench 3.0 installed - but would this cause the hard drive and cf card not to boot at all?

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