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Using this disk set:
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr SR][t +1 SR].adf, sha1: fbf0844b3839d34e6d47f51c4b8b23cb781caf1b
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 2 of 5)[cr SR].adf, sha1: 6227a28598ba589df1fa9716566d85d2bb8b329a
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 3 of 5)[cr SR].adf, sha1: 042e4f9151aff897dcb78b02e433b5ceaed476ee
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 4 of 5)[cr SR][!].adf, sha1: 951c72ee37fc64fb5aa0f58ee2e18d2c327ae13e
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 5 of 5)(0)[cr SR].adf, sha1: c3b3e65ae31ade4d32e9adc432b626b45f14bd4b
we already made it past this guy:

That is using FS-UAE 2.2.0 (which uses the 2.5.1 WinUAE emulation core).
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