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roy bates
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well,that depends what you use it for(as you have pointed out)

all my drives are upto and not beyond 512mb's for a workbench partition.

4gig for whdload.(if i have the space)

ive got a couple of work partitions around 1.3gig storage around 4gig each, i have a couple of these one for downloads one for lha and archives one for music one for games that are not whdload and a backup partition etc...
and thats just one drive on one sytem.
and all the drives i have are different on any amiga i have ,the drives i have are anywhere between 4 and 120 gig.

if i had a 4gig drive i wouild probbably do this,workbench about 60mbs or so(its only there to basicly boot the machine)then a work partition and whdload for the rest.(if games was what i was going to use the machine for)
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