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ok, so I tried using a diffrent RCA cable for sound with no effect, then i tried disconnecting one or the other to see the effect. if I use only the red RCA jack for sound i get nothing at all (and yes i'm plugging into the red audio jack not the red chroma jack) but when I simply have the white RCA jack in it sound correct but it seems like one channel is vairy faint. for instance using mono via the white RCA jack i can barely hear the speech intro to "It Came From the Desert" where as before I couldnt hear it at all. Elite sound almost correct except some notes are faint in the intro music, lasers sound effects are fine now with that method though.

I hooked up my laserdisc player to the monitor (it was the closest thing to it that worked) and same effect, no sound at all through the red RCA jack. seems like a red jack issues with the monitor? i don't have any rca speakers at the moment or a rca to 1/8 jack so i cant test the jack on the amiga.
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