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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Thanks for some ideas. Here is what I'm using: Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure Noddy's Big Adventure games Brian the Lion, James Pond 2, Car-Vup, Great Giana Sisters - they identify that game as 'Mario'. Floppy drive is always set to 'turbo', small kids have no patience for some reason. 'Say' program from WorkBench extras was also usable.
It's admirable and understandable that you have identified some simple concepts to introduce children to computers, and I presume that the examples you have chosen are based on your own experiences from many years ago, but I think it's much more important to use contemporary programs where you can, for several reasons...

I speak as an ex-tutor (not using computer games with kids, but my advice remains the same) and a die-hard Amigan too ;-)

Children like to share their experiences with other kids - who else is going to be aware of the niche, arcane examples you have chosen?

Time has marched on since the heyday of the Amiga's educational range; many more effective ways of teaching have been identified and implemented in (though we hate it) ubiquitous and free Win/Mac software.

Final reason: even if they're enthused by what you show them and want to play the game at home, it will be massively complicated to setup WinUAE and teach them all the steps - like the bad old days - so much so that it could put them off!

Solution: I would put together a short Powerpoint presentation for them describing how computers *used* to be used (with an Amiga bias ;-)) leading up to demonstrating contemporary stuff, if you feel so strongly about it... and then if they care more about the old stuff, they can choose it for themselves.

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