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I did some chip pressing the other day. If I press Paula, nothing happens. But if I press either the odd CIA or the small 74xxxx chip then the right mouse button works. The thing is that I've resoldered both and I have to press really hard so that the mobo bends slightly to make anything happen. Therefore I think the solder joints of the chips aren't the problem.

One thing worth noticing. The early boot menu appears with only pressing the left mouse button instead of both. That and pressing of the motherboard from the top would indicate a short on the bottom rather than a broken trace on the top. I've reckoned that Paula only interprets the signal from POT0Y and based on the signal either interprets it as potentiometer resistance or right mose button and acts accordingly. Based on this, the short would be after Paula rather than between the mouse port and Paula.

What do you think?
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