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I am wondering what I can expect in term of music making abbilities, with either new Amiga machines or software.
New amiga machines will feature the same hardware as your Mac. Software wise, there's quite a bunch of applications available, all of them limited to 16bit (I'm no audio guy, but I'm told PC stuff is handling 24 bit now).

For recording, mixing and mastering digital audio, there are Audio Evolution and ProStationAudio (new version is OS4 only).

For sample manipulation, we've got lots of small usefull tools like SoundFX or SampleManager. Not to forget the fantastic Soundprobe and good old Samplitude Opus, which is now freeware.

Bars & Pipes Pro (now "BarnsPipes") is still developed, and still is a very good sequencer with the most ugly GUI you've ever seen. Additionally, there's a new sequencer in development called Aseq.

The best tracker would be Digibooster Professional, which was recently sold to a new publisher and is actively maintained again. Additionally, Octamed Sound Studio should work on the AmigaOne (but playback will be limited to 8 bit, until somebody writes a toccata.library -> AHI wrapper). Protracker will be back. Somebody aquired the rights to the code and the trademark recently. But don't ask me about further details.


Hopfully OS4 will have native drivers for decent sound cards and an update from OctaMED
OS4 drivers: yes, but not from the start. Octamed: Not decided yet. They recently announced that work on a new Amiga version has been canceled. Now a lot of people are trying to convince them otherwise
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