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Ofcours steve :-)

Name Volume Size Device Unit Version DosType Version Big Check
DH0 System 908M scsi 0 43.35 SFS0 1.277 no ok
DH1 Small Storage 2956M scsi 0 43.35 SFS0 1.277 no ok
CD0 687M scsi 1 43.35 CDFS 2.40 no ok
DF0 880K trackdisk 0 40.1 DOS0 45.9 no ok

Sorry I see my fault…
You get a YES if the drive is OUTSIDE the 4gb barrier I was for safety sake keeping it inside the 4gb barrier.

I also was under the impression that big hardisk support was only on os 3.9 and that it was not clear if 3.5 could do it, I am reading very old tutorials sometimes I think.

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