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Wrath of the Demon midgame crash

I've read a lot of posts about people having problems to run the game at all. This was no problem for me, I could successfully complete 4 levels (riding, goblins, dragon and cave).

However, the game crashs after it tells me that I have to face the guardian of the cave. The loading screen disappears, the screen turns black and just when you would normally expect the next level to appear the game crashs. There's no guru meditation or anything, it's as if a soft reset is executed.

I'm using the latest version of WinUAE, Kickstart 1.3 and the following adfs:

Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr SKR][t+1 SKR].adf
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 2 of 5)[cr SKR][a].adf
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 3 of 5)[cr SKR][t+1 SKR].adf
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 4 of 5)[cr SKR].adf
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 5 of 5)[cr SKR][t+1 SKR].adf

I only had to use disk 1,2 and 5 yet. The game crashes while disk 2 is inserted, using a different disk2 adf-file didn't even get me to the first level.

Trying different WinUAE configurations hasn't solved the problem yet. Has anyone else encountered similar problems while playing the game and can help me out?

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