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First of all, don't make manual linebreaks because your edit display reached the end

Originally Posted by olesio View Post
I do not want create new thred so I'm asking here. Is in a new version there, will be no
problem with screenshots and box images? It will be in png format? I'm asking because
I tried KGLoad under ClassicWB Lite and convert some graphics to iff using PPaint and in
KGLoad the image looks very ugly with only few colors. How to make nice images from
eab png or jpg to iff?
Yes. New version will feature support for screenshots and boxarts. Give it some time and see what KG did there

Originally Posted by olesio View Post
And maybe in new version you add some button to stroe selected
game from list to favorites? What you think about it? Because editing text files is not a
comfortable way in my opinion.
Yes. You most likely won't have to edit a textfile anymore.

Originally Posted by olesio View Post
And maybe you deecide to add search name to KGLoad
which should work - in my opinion - in that way, when user want to seatch some game
named Chicago 90, it press C letter than H letter etc and correct name is selected on a
list and user can confirm with fire button.
Yes. That's exactly how it'll work in the next version

Originally Posted by olesio View Post
I use GLoad under WinUAE. So what you think
about my ideas and when new version will be published?
Asking for a release date is like pouring a glass of water in the ocean It doesn't change anything "When it's done" Yes, that's really the only answer you'll get.
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