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A1200 crashes (overheated Alice?)

I reacently opened a thread asking advice regarding CF as harddrive.

I now figured that it would not be the CF which courses the problem.
I also removed my 030 accelerator to make sure that it was not the course of the fault.

My problem is that the amiga starts getting unstabile after about 1-3 hours uptime (varies upon usage).
Some times it reboots with a software failure message other time the system freezez.
In some games artifacting starts to show till an extend where the game becomes unplayable.

When the system first crashes, it will continue being highly unstabil untill the system has been off power for some time.

I tried opening the case and feel the various chips and noticed that the alice were segnificantly warmer then the other chips. Almost so hot that you could burn yourself on it.

My prime suspect of the system failures is now that the Alice chip overheats.
Is this a known problem and in that case, does it correspond with the problems that i experience?

In that case, would adding a heatsink to the chip stabilize my system?

Hope there are some people out there who can help, i've been fighting with this for quite some time now
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