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Welcome to EAB.....

if your gonna create a HD use A1200 specs... i.e. kick3.1, AGA chipset, 2mb chip ram, 68020 or higher....(to start with)

1.create Hard-drive folder in Windows (do it in the winuae folder)
2.go into the Hard Drives tab in winuae add directory, name the hard-drive then browse the path the config
5.insert the Workbench 3.1 install disk into df0:
6.follow the on-screen prompts (you'll need all the Workbench disks)
7.when its finished, remove the adf, and reboot Amiga

not all games have a HD install, but in Workbench, open a dos disk and see if there is a HD-Install icon

if you have downloaded a HD image, just copy the folder in your Harddrive folder, when you boot in workbench, you should see your new HD image.... if you don't you need to create a .info icon for your new folder, copy an existing icon (to start with) then rename it to the same name as your new folder.... i.e.....

Doom AGA - main folder
Doom - icon file

hope that helps...... if you need anymore help give me a shout!!!
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