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For playing MP3 on an Amiga, use AmigaAmp. This one can be used with a standard GadTools
Interface, or you can switch it into "Skin" mode which lets you use all of the WinAmp skins
out there. Can be downloaded at (Freeware) This is *not* for they guys
with the weak CPUs... For most WinAmp skins you'll probably need a BMP datatype. Check Aminet
for "WARP" datatypes, these are by far the best ones (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG available).

Playing MPEG ? Either use Amp, as suggested. This is considered the best option for AGA Users.
GFX board users usually tend to use Frogger. (both are shareware)

SoftCinema is able to play most AVI/QT, including DivX - but no Sörensen. Sorry, don't know any
URLs... Prolly not on Aminet yet (or at least not the most recent versions). Shareware.

Missing libraries: Always read the "Requirements" section of the documentation. This should
usually give hints where to find needed stuff. If not, go to aminet and use the search engine on
variations of the file/library name ("guigfx.library", "guigfx").
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