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Alice Chip Problem: A Very Important And Serious Question!

hi folks,

yesterday i broke my alice chip with the dce flickermagic i bought on ebay. eventually i didn´t give enough pressure on the dce chips to make them snap onto the a1200 motherboard so for several tries they were quite lose with power on. inbetween i turned the 10*flatbandcable, somehow inverted it on the dce lisa chip. all this might have caused electrical interferences. i don´t exactly know when my alice broke, but when i turn on, i get grey flashes and only this chip becomes hot. only after that happened i realised that the dce chips need to be attached with HIGH pressure to snap in.

today a friend is giving me his a1200 as a present and i don´t know if i shall try it again with the knowledge i got. if the dce blew up - how can i know? - will it destroy my new miggy??
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